kings cross community garden


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Our Vision

A productive and welcoming urban garden which encourages the community to come together, learn and share their interest in food production, gardening and sustainability, and which co-exists in harmony with other users of Lawrence Hargrave Reserve.

The KXCG acknowledges its location in a public reserve and embraces its role in fostering community connections.


Our Principles


We will contribute to the overall public amenity of Lawrence Hargrave Reserve by respecting other users, integrating the garden into the broader reserve, and contributing to an inviting street address.


We will promote the use and education of organic gardening principles, use natural pesticides and fertilisers and non-GMO seeds.


We will share our produce with the community, work towards larger harvests for charity donations, and develop the garden as a place for community gathering, education and leisure. 


Garden Design

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In December 2015 a group of Potts Point and Kings Cross locals came together to create a community garden for the area. With in-principle approval from the City of Sydney to locate the garden at Lawrence Hargrave Reserve, the Steering Committee has been working for more than three years to clarify its vision, develop a design appropriate for the site and produce a plan of management for garden operation.

Draft plans for the garden went on public exhibition in February 2018 and received a very positive response from the community.

The garden design and plan of management were finalised in response to community feedback and were approved by the City of Sydney (CoS) Council on 14 May 2018.

Construction of the garden began in April 2019 and was completed in May 2019.



We welcome new members and friends of the garden. Membership is required if you wish to garden. Friends of the garden are very supportive towards the established garden and concept, but do not wish to be members of the garden.

We welcome participation in the garden by local cafes, businesses and organisations. The Committee will consider contributions of sponsorship and composting material by relevant organisations.

Membership will be $30 per year. People who are already on the current list of supporters will be notified on how to join as members.

Anyone interested to have further information can email to



receive updates & join in



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