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Lawrence Hargrave Reserve


The garden is proposed to be located in Lawrence Hargrave Reserve, Elizabeth Bay, a popular park for locals which includes a dog off-leash area

Siting and design of the garden within the reserve aims to:

  • Enhance sightlines between the street and Lawrence Hargrave Reserve, in order to invite the public in and thereby deter anti-social behaviour through passive surveillance;
  • Respect existing users of the Reserve, including dogs and their owners, rough sleepers, and custodians of the memorial garden;
  • In the first stage, locate the garden within the main reserve and develop an integrated design to foster community relationships and provide public amenity;
  • In the second stage, extend the garden to the back raised area and enclose with a fence, in order to allow for live produce;
  • Locate garden in an area with maximum solar access; and
  • Create a communal sitting area for the garden members to meet and enjoy and the garden.