kings cross community garden


Map_Garden Location_7 Nov 2017_crop.jpg

Lawrence Hargrave Reserve


The garden is proposed to be located in Lawrence Hargrave Reserve, Elizabeth Bay, a popular park for locals which includes a dog off-leash area

Siting and design of the garden within the reserve aims to:

  • Enhance sightlines between the street and Lawrence Hargrave Reserve, in order to invite the public in and thereby deter anti-social behaviour through passive surveillance;
  • Respect existing users of the Reserve, including dogs and their owners, rough sleepers, and custodians of the memorial garden;
  • In the first stage, locate the garden within the main reserve and develop an integrated design to foster community relationships and provide public amenity;
  • In the second stage, extend the garden to the back raised area and enclose with a fence, in order to allow for live produce;
  • Locate garden in an area with maximum solar access; and
  • Create a communal sitting area for the garden members to meet and enjoy and the garden.


Design Concept_Submission_17 Nov 2017.jpg

The garden is proposed to be delivered in two stages. Stage One is located mid-way along the western edge of Lawrence Hargrave Reserve, and Stage Two is located in the back raised garden on the southern edge of the Reserve.

The proposed total site area for the Stage One garden is 230sqm.

Stage Two garden is 180sqm. It will connect to and integrate with the existing memorial garden (70sqm2), at the south-western corner of the reserve.


Stage One

Design Concept_Submission_Stage 1_17 Nov 2017.jpg

In Stage One we plan to have seven raised garden beds and eight large planters for small trees. All beds will be communal. At the garden periphery, Bed A will be planted with produce for general community use, and will consist primarily of herbs. Interior beds will include seasonal vegetables, fruit and culinary and medicinal herbs.

The style of raised garden beds responds to local materials at Lawrence Hargrave Reserve and Fitzroy Gardens. Walls will be made of sandstone- like concrete blocks with a ‘sitting edge’ on the top.