Become a Member

Construction is complete and there’s plenty of work to do!

We are looking for members with a wide range of skills including fundraising, community liaison, communications, project management, building, design and horticulture.

Membership is open to individuals. As a member, you may choose to be actively involved in garden activities, participate in events and /or other management processes, or to be supporters. All members are highly valued.

In summary:

1. Apply for membership by using the application form at the end on page 7. Please complete your name, Email, Residential address and Date. Copy this form and paste onto an email addressed to .

2. On acceptance of your application, you are admitted to the Register of Members

3. On admission you must pay a fee of $30.00

4. Maintain your membership by paying an annual fee (currently $30.00)

5. Notify us if you wish to resign from membership